Session Activities / Further Detail





I currently session in a couple of different venues, depending on what the session content calls for.




I like to session with people I feel I can “click” with, and whose initial email has piqued my interests. Not everyone makes that grade; I am selective and want to ensure we both enjoy our play, so keep your introduction to me polite, spell-checked, respectful and honest.






Activities I enjoy:
CP/ Spanking 
Corporal Punishment of all types and levels.
CP is my speciality. OTK, Hairbrush, Wooden Spoon, Ruler, Paddle (in leather, wood, silicone and perspex.) Strap, Tawse (bottom and hands) Flogger, Whip, Slipper, Carpet Beater, Cane (all varieties) - there’s not much I haven’t used! I am a very well-known disciplinarian in London and my spanking is both loved and feared by many.


Role-play with me is intense, creative, and realistic. I do not require a script (indeed, it’s often better without one) and am excellent at improvising, taking on board any elements/particular “buzz” phrases and words you would like to include.
Past role-plays have included serious interrogations, school/headteacher/prefect, office/boss, strict aunt, babysitter, governess, and more. I am very fond of setting tests and exam papers, tailored to individual preferences (be careful what you wish for!) and conducting “scientific” CP “experiments” on my hapless subjects.
A particular passion of mine is incorporating anticipation/thinking/corner time and scolding as part of a proper punishment - I feel they are often be as effective as a good thrashing, so to combine it all is simply devastating.


HUMILIATION - Limited Availability
Verbal/physical beatdowns, scolding, face-slapping, forced exercise, denial, forced panty-wearing, mouth-soaping, SPH: all things I use to put you in your place. Want me to describe in agonising detail how I'll cuckold you whilst you have to stand naked in front of me for scruntinsing? You're in the right place.





NOTE: I have several large tattoos, including on my feet and thighs. They are inevitably mostly covered during my headmistress/strict aunt roleplays, as I wear a pencil skirt, but they may be more visible in some outfits.  


Activities I do not offer:
No sexual contact with me.  I do not offer topless/nude domination at all.
I do not offer any rubber or latex play, and do not wear/touch either material due to allergies.
I do not offer water/hardsports/vomit/farting/biting/animal involvement.
I do not smoke, and do not allow smoking during my sessions.
I do not switch. Requesting this will result in your email being automatically deleted and you being blocked.