I am now accepting very limited session requests from new recipients who can provide references from another professional.
My sessions will continue to be spaced out with a maximum of one space per week available.


I am very much jabbed up and lateral flow testing regularly, and expect a similar level of consideration from people I play with.





My session content is focussed mainly on CP (spanking), roleplay, scolding and domestic discipline. 

If you are unable to visit, or sessions are not able to run in person, my online and virtual activities can include line-writing, virtual detentions set, tasks via email, and utilising my custom clip option to create an ideal instructional clip just for you.
I am able to use a couple of different venues for my disciplinarian fetish sessions in London and fee will vary depending on both the venue and time booked. 


Sessions are either an hour or 90 minutes long.
When contacting me to enquire about a session, please note that I do not tolerate needlessly capitalised pronouns; it is unncessary and incredibly difficult to read, and it is very unlikely I will read an entire email using this method of denoting  dominance or submission. (This does not however mean that you can drop your appropriately respectful, polite tone!)
An ideal introductory email will include: appropriate greeting, brief introduction of yourself and any prior experience, details of your envisaged session content, and what sort of days or times you would be available. 


I book around 1-2 weeks in advance just now.
Last minute/same day sessions are never available.
Enquiries for more than 2 weeks away need to wait until nearer the time due to the ever-changing situations.
I will very likely request a deposit from you and/or a reference from a professional you have recently played with. 

Read the FAQ for more information.


Email me here to experience your real spanking in London from a British Disciplinarian.